Emma (lotr_gal709) wrote in moon_hunters,

Hi-Res photos

Hiya Guys,
Um, Im not too sure where to post this so feel free to delete if its not allowed,
Anyways, Im actually after some Hi-Res photos from Jensens MBV Prem.
Im really in the the mood for making some new wallpapers but would like some of the newest pics of him, (and Jared)
Also, for you who went to the LA con, can I please use your photos to make wallpapers, I will credit you for the photos I use.
So just to recap,
- ANY Hi-Res MBV photos
- ANY really new photos of Jared
- ANY new photos of J2 together (will credit you if they are manip-ed)
-  ANY photos from the LA Com that I could use.
Thanks guys so much!!!
Hugs to you all
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