September 23rd, 2006

A follow-up to my last post.

Title: Being Face to Face (With Common Grace)
Author/Artist: hanyo_alchemist
The fic is Sam-centric, but there are mentions of Dean and John, and a slight notion of Wincest.

Theme: #13 - We All Float On
Rating: I’d say PG.
Warnings: AU. Set POST Devil’s Trap.
Notes: While this was written for 64damn_prompts, it was really wirtten up for my mom, who read 'Let's Rewrite an Ending That Fits' and responded to it by telling me that she wanted a continuation of it. XD And while we're on the subject of LRAETF, you might want to read that before reading this. I don't think you'd have to in order to get the fic, but I reccommend it. And the title; totally a Red Hot Chili Peppers lyric. Taken from their song, "This Velvet Glove". 

Whored like Rentboy!Sammy X-posted everywhere.

(Sam opened his eyes; the light was bright. Brighter than any light he had ever seen before. In fact, he was sure that he felt his pupils dilate.)

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