October 30th, 2006

kangjun → sleepyhead


title: Start
rating: quite NC-17; for language
word count: 3254
disclaimer: if they were mine, i'd keep them jollygood happy, hopped up on sugar, forever in prank war mode and there'd damn well be hugs.
a/n: gen, in general. wincest if you really squint. sam-centric (which is weirding me out because i'm a total dean girl but i kept on writing in sam's voice, sorta) and also sort-of angsty. a continuation of
Hope; which is a continuation of Unsaid. comments and crits would be wonderful. :)
warning: time line is not my thing.
summary: sam tries his best to live the life dean wanted him to, with the little life he left behind.

(He was always grateful for that: that Hope was like the imprint Dean had left behind.)