November 12th, 2006

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title: The Fact Is;
word count: 2800
rating: PG, implied sam/dean.
disclaimer: if they were mine, i'd keep them on leash in my room jollygood happy, hopped up on sugar, forever in prank war mode and there'd damn well be hugs.
a/n: pre-series, vague timeline ('cause i suck at it). started off okay but went on to becoming kind of weird and then later regressing into just a pile of words. *facepalms* no porn because i'm no good at it. thus, fluffed up fluff with a drizzle of schmoop. or could be angst. i don't know. you tell me. ;) comments and criticisms are always most welcomed. all snippets by the talented gavin degraw.
summary: you don't know this; but sammy fell for him first.

(Sammy watched them grew closer, once in a while getting the feeling that Dean was pushing him away but then Dean would come home at night and made him some hot chocolate and pop corn while he studied and tucked him back in when he had kicked his blanket away in the middle of the night and called him Sammy and everything felt good again.)