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19 November 2006 @ 09:57 pm
I think I'm addicted to making banners. It's getting serious. I need help. I'm already addicted to Supernatural, but I'm completely okay with that. Here we go. I decided to make a lot of Jeffery Dean Morgan banners thanks to an idea from iconic813   A few are icons from Crossroad Blues, but not too spoilery. A lot of icons with quotes, ships, and references too. I alsomade some Eric Kripke icons from the Paley Festival. Comments are nice, especially when taking some! (Edit: I have no idea why I have two LJ cuts, but my computer won't let me fix it. Sorry.)

[16] Jeffery Dean Morgan/John Winchester Banners
[6] Jensen Ackles/Dean Winchester Banners
[3] brothers banners
[11] Ship icons/Reference (not quotes but refer to something on SN)/Misc. icons
[12] quote icons
[12] Crossroad Blues icons
[6] Eric Kripke icons

BTW, probably not dial-up friendly. :( Sorry.


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If they had used the Scary Just Got Sexy slogan in the US, I would've started watching SN a looong time ago...Collapse )You know, I would have started watching Supernatural a long time ago if they had used 'Scary Just Got Sexy' as a slogan in the US....Collapse )
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