February 15th, 2007

sam ღ punching bag

TVGuide Q&A with Kripke.

"However, I have to be shameless and say to the fans, If you love the show, please spread the word. Let your friends know there's a smart genre show on the CW, a show for people who dig Buffy and X-Files. Drag ‘em in front of the TV and make ‘em watch. We don't get a lot of marketing, and word of mouth is the only way we're gonna get a long, healthy series run. We need your help!"

Kripke answers your questions here. Check it out!

Also, like Kripke said, the ratings aren't doing too well on The CW, so please try to spread the word about Supernatural! There's a great community that is dedicated to promoting the show by sending letters, emails, and postcards to various magazines and letting everyone know about important polls that can make a difference, so if you want to help out and want to see more of Supernatural (and you really should, it takes less than a minute to send an email ;D), check out promote_spn!
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