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 Late Night Drops of Random
28 September 2007 @ 12:30 am
And here we are-at part three of the ass porn spam ;-) I had so much fun re-doing this, and adding new caps throughout! Well, after I revived time and again ;-P So here it is-enjoy!

*Disclaimer* I will not be held responsible for spontaneous combusting, computers shorting out and the like. *Passes out drool bibs, and fire extinguishers* And please make sure that your health insurance policy is caught up ;-) Randomly-any blindness due to looking directly at the Pretty is not my fault-I only bring it! And once again this is not dial-up friendly-sorry!

Are you still looking at my butt?!Collapse )
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So, I don't know if it's allowed to post fanvids here, so if it isn't, just delete it.

Title: Supernatural - Frozen (Dean's sacrifice)
Vidder: Jade
Clips: from AHBL 1&2
Song: Within Temptation - Frozen
Disclaimer: I own nothing except my editing program.
                      Dean and Sam totally own me.

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