January 21st, 2008

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Supernatural Smart Pop essay contest

Hi all!

(Forgive me if you also hang out at SPN_heavymeta and have heard from me already!)

Misty_writes was kind enough to give me the okay to come and post a notice here for you guys about the Supernatural essay contest Supernatural.tv and BenBella Books (publishers of the Smart Pop series and the people who pay my bills) have going on.

You can get the details here, but the gist is that we're putting together a Smart Pop title-- an anthology of smart, fun essays-- on Supernatural, and since we know Supernatural fans are a particularly smart, analysis-friendly bunch of people, we wanted to get you in on the game. If you write an essay on Supernatural, and turn it in to the folks at Supernatural.tv by April 1, your essay could be included in our final Smart Pop book.

If you're unfamiliar with the series, and want to check out the kind of thing we like in an essay (short version: it should entertain and enlighten, with extra points if it changes the way the reader looks at the show), we have some samples up here. Questions in general can be directed to the fabulous folks at Supernatural.tv (see the info link for the address), or heck, leave a comment here, and I'll come back. :)

Many thanks for your time!

Editor, BenBella Books

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