February 25th, 2008


Community Promotion - Come Get Clean With Us!

Posted with the permission of the moderator.

community layout & banner by causette

Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to draw your attention to spn_comingclean, a Supernatural fic community that's all about safer sex! We're not just talking about fics where the boys use condoms, oh no, we want a little bit more than that.

We want the fics where Sam says to Dean, "Dude, I know where that's been, no way. Go to the drugstore if you want to get laid." We want the awkward drunken fumbling fic where Jared and Jensen just cannot find the condom (extra points if there's a roommate and it involves rock-paper-scissors à la Friends). We want the uber angsty fic where one of the boys says, "I cheated on you and I didn't use protection." We want the fic with the awkward conversation but schoompy undertones of the boys deciding they've been together this long now, maybe they should get tested, because this is kinda serious.

We want fic where there's more than a simple mention of a condom being used.

We accept slash (includes Wincest), het and RPF (both slash and het). For the first round, we're running a ficathon and your dates are as follows:

Prompt Submissions Open: Monday 25th Feb.
Prompt Submissions Close: Friday 7th March.
Prompts Open for Claiming: Saturday 8th March.
Fic Posting Begins: Monday 10th March.
Fic Submissions Closed: Saturday 19th April.

Thank you!
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