February 26th, 2008

The Secret

Supernatural's Missing Music 2.0 - Artwork Contest

I hope this will be allowed.

Having gotten all the music I think I'm going to be able to get without a miracle from the Powers That Be, I would like to appeal to the visually brilliant people here to design cover art for the Complete(ish) First, Second and Third Season Compilations of Supernatural music. I myself am not very talented in this area of creativity, so I look to others who are more adept at this particular art form.

What I would like is three covers, one for each season of the show. Each one should reflect the overarching theme of the season and use images and stills taken during that time period. I would like the covers to also reflect the style and tone of the show during that season. Please keep the images/themes CANNON.

  • So, for example, the first season would use caps and promotional photos taken during the first season and have a theme of searching for John and familial reunion.

  • Season two would use caps and promotional photos taken during the second season and have a theme of Visions and protection Sam from going Dark Side.

  • Season three would use caps and promotional photos taken during the third season and have a theme about The Deal and The War.

  • Each one should have the title of the show on it and perhaps say something like "Season One (or Two or Three) Complete Soundtrack". If anyone would like to try their hand at this challenge, I would be most grateful and all participants who complete the task would receive a download for ALL of the music that I have gathered so far from the show. Currently I am only missing a hand-full of songs, listed below, aside from most of the Christmas music featured in A Very Supernatural Christmas. If anyone has them I would be eternally grateful.

    Please make images somewhere between 300x300 to 500x500 pixels in size.

    EDIT 2:
    The contest end date will be March 16th, with the results posted in my LJ on March 17th.

    Promo & Misc. Music:
    All I Ever Need - Speedometer
    Down To My Grave - The Ironweed Project
    The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - George Michael (orig. Roberta Flack)

    Season One:
    E01 What Cha Gonna Do - Classic
    E01 My Cheatin' Ways - Kid Gloves Music
    E04 Load Rage - Nichion Sounds Library
    E17 Slow Death - Extreme Music
    E17 Anthem - Extreme Music

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