March 13th, 2008

kaidan; armor

Picspam ~ 2.14 'Born Under a Bad Sign' ~ Part ONE

Well some time past since I made my last and also my very first picspam but here we go with another one. It's for my all-time-fave eppy 2.14 'Born Under A Bad Sign'! God I love it! Evil!Sammy is pure sex *drooling* I won't write any comments below them 'cause I don't wanna ruin the eppy with my stupid and absolut DUMB commentarys lol I hope you're not mad with me ;D

Buuut I wrote some Quotes from the eppy below each picture (well okay not each but almost) instead of my commentarys so I guess thats an worthy replacement, right?

I dedicate this Picspam to my lovely LJ Mate and favourite Australian Girly dani_blondy   who gave me some paid LJ-Time. Hun, I know I thanked you a thousand times before - anyways thanky sweetheart you're made of awesome! I owe you something, I really do so I thought well you love the eppy, I love the eppy why not make a picspam with it and yeah here's the first part. I really hope that you're gonna like it I hope so badly tehee - enjoy it ;D