May 31st, 2008

avril punk

Triptych - Lilith, Dean/Sam/Ruby - [1/1 or 1/?]

Title: Triptych (Of Pain)
Author: force_oblique
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own anything! :P
Characters/Pairings: Lilith, Dean/Sam/Ruby (This part Lilith POV)
Spoilers/Warnings: Mostly 3x16
Word Count: This part 1480, but I will probably have a few more parts to come XD
Summary: I look at the beautiful mess I've done. Three people broken, shuttered. All Three of them are in pain. Or they will be soon... My own personal Triptych of Pain...
Author's Notes:It's a take on the last scenes of 3x16. I would like to explore the possibilities after that...and my are they infinite... lol
~ English is not my native language so excuse any crappiness and/or mistakes!

Look at the beautiful mess you've made
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