June 21st, 2008

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Out of Boredom I bring you Jensen caps!  
I was very bored and while watching these videos from ten I decided to screencap Jensen Ackles. Well sorry they're not the best quality. You can use them for graphics and icons if you like but please, please remember to credit me, I'd appreciate it. If you'd like to watch the videos then click on the tne hyperlink thingy. Anyways, it's such a shame that Jared isn't coming to Melbourne. I'm really sad about that. Umm anyway, there are twenty-sixs in total. Enjoy! 

Notes: I capped alot of his side profile and not dial-up friendly.

acklescap7.png image by ivy__acklescap5.png image by ivy__
acklescap14.png image by ivy__acklescap16.png image by ivy__

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