December 1st, 2009


searching for supernatural drawer

I don't know if I'm in the right community but when I googled this was no 1 so I'll try.
I'm crazy for supernatural and I'm actually looking for someone who can draw me something simple for a tattoo and of course it have to do with supernatural, it can be a sign or whatever that can link to it.. don't be shy to write to me and give your thoughts on this. I would apreciate anyting I promise! And sorry but I'm kinda in a rush because I'm due in about 2 weeks...
And also I'm writing fiction (or trying too) so if you want to read you can just follow my name to my journal. I have to warn you that it's mostly slash so don't come if you can't stand that.

I really hope there's someone who wants to help me :D I need you :-*

Have a nice day and take care..
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