October 24th, 2010


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Hello everyone! I hope that this is all right that I post this here; I figured it fell underneath the discussion category. Currently, I'm working on a term paper for one of my classes where I delve into the topic of misogyny in Supernatural. I think it's an interesting topic, obviously one that has been brought up throughout the existence of the show, and I wanted to take the opportunity to give Supernatural (and the ladies that grace the show) a really fair assessment.

As part of my project, I want to incorporate fan reactions, because obviously, the fandom is a really important component of the show. Therefore, I've put together a short survey - if anybody is willing to do it, I'd really appreciate it. It would help me a lot in the formulation of this paper. The survey is under the cut. Please feel free to either comment directly to this post, or email me at refracted.ion@gmail.com

Also, if anyone knows of a place that breaks ratings down by sex, I'd really appreciate that information as well.

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Thanks once again!