June 27th, 2011

Dean & Sam Chains

Cruel Intent - Conclusion

Title: Cruel Intent – Conclusion
Author: Machiavelliande
Pairing: Evil Sam/girl Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warning: het, incest, dom/sub, Daddy kink, role playing, chains, restraints, angst, spreader bar, non con, violence
Disclaimer: We don't own Supernatural.
Summary: AU Sam Winchester has waited his whole life for a chance to get revenge on his sister Dee. She was the golden child. The chosen one who got to stay with mom while he was exiled with his domineering father. Sam must decide whether to love his sister or destroy her.
A/N: We hope you enjoy the ending! Tay & Tia 

Cruel Intent

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Sam & Dean Open Mouth Kiss

Winchester Pride

Title: Winchester Pride
Authors:  Dean & Sam's Muse & DAC
Pairings:  Dean/ Sam/ OMCs
Rating:  NC17
Warning:  Slash, Wincest, threesomes, Dom Dean, cock rings, naughty tees
Disclaimer:  We don't own Supernatural or Dean & Sam.  If we did they would be here for Pride!
Summary:  AU Sammy has finally convinced Dean to celebrate Gay Pride weekend. The Winchester Boys are on the prowl to experience some wild fun with the hot uninhibited men at Pride.
A/N:  This story was written for our friends who would love to share Pride with the Winchesters!

Winchester Pride

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