July 21st, 2011

Mica A Purple Rose

Crave - Part 2

Title: Crave – WIP – Part 2
Author: Mica Monroe & Deans Dark Dream
Pairing: Sam/Dean, mentions of Sam/Jess
Rating: NC17
Warning: Wincest, slash, love, crave, hurt, comfort
Disclaimer: We own nothing and intend no harm.
Summary: AU When John and Mary Winchester divorced, Sam was raised on the ranch with his father. Dean lived with his mother in the city but visited for a few months each summer. Even though the brothers seemed different as night and day, there was a deep bond between them from the start. Dean knew his love for Sam went beyond brotherly and he was ready to take the next step.
A/N: Sam and Dean's first time! We love those boys together! Mica & DDD



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