November 18th, 2011

Dean & Sam Chains

You Belong to Me

Title: You Belong to Me - WIP
Authors: [info]machiavelliande
Pairing: Dean/Jensen
Rating: NC17
Warning: slash, Dom/sub
Disclaimer: We don't own Dean or Jensen or any variation there of.
Summary: Dean had turned thirty five a few months earlier. It had been a turning point of sorts for him. He hadn't been a hunter for awhile. He'd chosen a new path. Now, he was on the hunt for the right man to share his new life with. When Dean saw Jensen at a crowded dance club, he decided to take the chance and claim him for his own. Will Jensen prove to be what Dean needs to fulfill his dark desires?
Note: Col and I haven't written together in awhile so this was a treat for me. Damon

I'm Dean. Call me when you're ready to change your life.”

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