March 13th, 2012

Sam kissing Dean

Fit To Be Tied

Title: Fit To Be Tied - A Sam/Dean first time fic.
Author: Coy Boy Toy
Pairing: Dean/Sammy
Rating: NC17
Comments: Would be adored.
Warning: slash, Wincest, first time, spanking, bondage, hummer
Disclaimer: Kripke created them. I'm just a girly boy who loves them.
Summary: When 18 year old Sam is left alone with his brother Dean, he challenges him to a game of Truth of Dare. With a little alcohol to ease the way, the brothers soon find themselves fit to be tied!
Note: I hope you take pleasure in reading my fic. Chris
Dedication: For Mica Monroe who is always encouraging me to express myself.

Fit To Be Tied
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