May 12th, 2012


Where We Both Began

Title: Where We Both Began
Author: alecx_5 & becky43078
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Genre: Jensen/Jared; AU
Warnings: AU, slash, knotting, hardcore BDSM, humiliation, spanking
World Count: Total 6,758
Summary: Ever sense Jensen's parents died he has been living a lie. Pretending to be whatever his uncle wants him to be in hopes of one day take back his father's pack. He's eighteen and ready to mate but he cannot stand the submissive omegas and betas who are throwing themselves at him. Instead, its the stubborn, defiant and strong omega whose got his attention.
Beta: eleni81
Music: Bring Me To Life ~ Evanescence
Other: Part of the Behind Closed Door verse