June 3rd, 2012

Dean Dark Eyed and Handsome

Inside Man

Title: Inside Man – 7/?
Author: [info]kitprovocateur
Pairing: Dean/Jensen
Characters: Misha Collins, Bobby Singer, Ellen Harvelle, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Crowley
Rating: NC17
Warning: Slash, violence, cop Dean, escort Jensen, angst
Summary: AU Dean Winchester is a policeman on a mission to take down the man who murdered his brother, Sam. Eric Brady Johnson has a lot of money and friends in high places enabling him to continue his life of luxury as Dean smolders with hatred and a need for revenge. As months pass, Dean becomes more desperate to get proof against Brady before police chief, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, shuts his investigation down. When Jensen Ackles enters the picture, Dean sees a chance to get the proof he needs by sending in another inside man.
Note: Time for the angst. Let me know if you enjoy the story. Kit

Inside Man Chapter 7

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