July 8th, 2012

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Dean Winchester: American Idol (fanfic)

Title: Dean Winchester: American Idol
Author: wayward_idjit
Characters: Sam and Dean Winchester
Summary - Prompt: Dean has a hidden talent. Sam finds out.
Wordcount: 769
Disclaimer: This thing, whatever it is, is something that I've done but its rights don't belong in any way to me. Hate the concepts? Don't blame the owner - blame me!
Author's notes: I wrote this last night, as a part of the Hiatus of Dean Love, forstrgazr04</lj> . It's not long and I may have fucked it all up from the part of... the... beginning. Meh. I hope y'all like it anyway.
[This ain't beta-ed. Tell me if you see any mistakes/misspells.]

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