September 13th, 2012

Dean in Leather Coat

Deadly Obsession

Title: Deadly Obsession – 6/?
Author: [info]
Pairing: Dean/Jensen
Characters: Sam Winchester, Christian Kane, Jim Beaver, Eric Johnson
Rating: NC17
Warning: Slash, violence, stalking, voyeurism, obsession, cop Dean, artist escort Jensen
Summary: AU Dean Winchester is a police detective who isn't comfortable with his sexuality. Dean isn't prepared for the fallout when he gets assigned to a case hunting a killer who targets rich gay men. The trail he follows leads him to aspiring artist, Jensen Ackles. Jensen works for an escort service dating wealthy older gay men. Dean must find the man who has formed a deadly obsession with Jensen and is willing to kill to have him.
Note: Time for Dean to go on a manhunt. Kit

Deadly Obsession Chapter 6
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