November 1st, 2012

  • alecx_5

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover

Author(s): alecx5 & becky43078
Artwork: bumerbmw
Rating: NC-17
Pairing/Genre: Jensen/Jared; AU
Warnings: AU, hardcore BDSM, humiliation, spanking, attempted non-con
World Count: 2,526
Summary: A young beta who sees how his alpha is treated by his omega mate thinks that Jensen is weak. That because he submits to his Master he will submit to anyone, he finds out just how wrong he is and Jared expresses his pride to his slave.
Beta: eleni81
Music: When You Look At Me by - Christina Millian
Other: Story one of the Behind Closed Door verse. Its suggested you read the prier installment first. Jensen is Alpha who has to hide is submissive tendencies because of his position. Jared is a omega who doesn't fit into the typical omega role. They meet and fulfill each other needs BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, hence the title.