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17 May 2010 @ 11:36 pm
Psychic Connection  

Title: Psychic Connection
Written By: [info]lotr_gal709
Pairing: J2
Rating: R (NC-17 maybe?? I think)
Word Count: 3,500
Warnings: m/m some language
Summary: Jared finally connects with his mystery man
A/N: This is another fic I've been working on. Hope you like. No Beta, all mistakes are my own.
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By Emidien

Let me in. I know you want me….” Feeling warm fingers slipping down to the band of his jeans, he knew it was wrong, so wrong to want to be with a man like this, not knowing what his name is, who he is or worse what he is. “Let me touch you. You want me I know it…” Feeling the fingers making their way further into his pants to find his hardened member…… 

Waking up in a cold sweat and burning cheeks Jared couldn’t get the sweet tones of that voice out of his head. Embarrassed that he had fallen asleep at his desk, Jared knew he had to try and get some sort of control of this soon, before it got the better o f him.
It’s not like he didn’t get enough sleep, lately he was sleeping over eight hours a night and still waking up exhausted. All because of the mystery man. He felt the pull of him, it was stronger than any psychic connection he’s felt before. And so much more intense.
The mystery man in question was the stranger who had somehow entered his thoughts; he was somehow breaking down every mind barrier Jared put up. This would normally terrify him, someone with the amount of psychic power he has shouldn’t have people contacting him, not like this anyway. But for some reason this man didn’t scare him in the least.
He still refuses to talk back to him; but his presence in his mind feels...comforting. Knowing that there is no way he'd be getting any more work done today, he told his boss he'd be working from home for the rest of the day.

As soon as Jared entered his apartment he felt “Him” in his head, letting him know that he would be here for him, if he ever needed him, for anything; but as quickly as he was there he was gone. Slowly Jared made his way to the bathroom; maybe a nice long bath will help to clear his head.
While the water was running he grabbed himself a beer to take in with him, then grabbed the book he was reading off his night stand. Maybe if he lost himself in his book he could somehow forget about that mystery man.
Jared pulled the bathroom blinds and lit a couple of the cookie dough scented candles he keeps in the bathroom, then slowly he eased himself into the just this side of too hot water. The bubbles he added were tickling his chin as he lowered himself further in. He sipped on his drink but couldn’t bring himself to pick up the book.
Feeling completely drained of every ounce of energy, Jared laid back into the bath, allowing the warmth to envelope him. Resting there he felt the knowing warmth in his head, alerting him to another presence. Knowing it was a major risk and that he had so much to lose, Jared opened his mind fully to him, it’s not like he couldn’t just enter at will anyway.

As soon as his mind was fully opened Jared was flooded with an intense heat, he felt like he was on fire, on instinct he went to erect his mental barriers, tried to push the other man out. “Don’t fight me, let me in. Don’t you want to know why I have chosen you?” Knowing that he was right, Jared stopped fighting him and took a couple long deep breaths before he asked the one question he really wanted to know; “Who are you?”
Jared heard his own heart beating. After one beat. Two beats, he answered. “My name is Jensen Ackles” He paused waiting to see if Jared would respond; when after a couple of his heart beats he didn’t say anything Jensen continued.
Many years ago I made a deal, one that I should never have made. I lost. And losing meant that I would remain in darkness, know that the world is changing but not be a part of it ; I would only be release from my darkness when one so strong and pure of heart hears my call. I have searched for the special one over the years but knew that there was only one and that it could take many years to find them. After the first century I gave up hope that I’d ever find that special person; that I'd never find you, so I gave up searching and just spent my days adjusting to the time as it  continued to change, even thought I remained the same. I Knew that when you were of age Id find you. I sensed you the day of your eighteenth birthday and have spent the last ten years trying to break down your barriers. To let you know I was here, looking for you. To let you know I needed you”
Jensen paused again, and this time Jared had something to say. “What if I don’t want or need you?” Jensen didn’t say anything, but Jared knew that what he had just said hurt him. He spilled out to him the one thing that was keeping him going for centuries was knowing one day he would be there for him when he needed him and he just knocked him back. Jared felt Jensen retreat from his mind; leaving it cold and empty.

Hours later, Jared knew that Jensen was back with him before he even felt his warmth. Lying naked on his stomach in between silk black sheets, his head resting upon his pillows sitting at the top of the bed. He was tense, every muscle in his body was knotting. He had never felt like this, like he’d let someone down, someone who was counting on him; someone like Jensen. He knew it wasn’t possible but he felt as though there was a presence sitting next to him, he felt the bed dip."I'm sorry" he whisped into the quiet room.
 "Jare, please, let me in. Let me help relax you." Jared could hear Jensen’s warm voice enter his head and without giving it a second thought he opened his mind to him. As soon as Jensen was nestled in his mind with him, Jared felt a warm liquid run over his back, and suddenly he could smell the sweet aroma of vanilla and musk. Relaxing into the sheets, Jared felt the top sheet slide low, stopping at the small of his back, he felt warm hands on his back.
Startled that someone had their hands on him, he was about to just up when Jensen let him know that it was just him, helping him to relax; he said that it’s the least he could do after what he had told him while he was bathing. Settling back down Jared allowed Jensen to run his muscular hands over his back and shoulders, ever so slowly curving around his body to his sides.
"How is it possible I can feel your hands?" Jared asked to the no one in the room, knowing that Jensen would still hear what he was saying; where ever he was. "Jare, you can feel me because you have opened yourself to me, you have allowed me into your mind, therefore I can touch you, not just your mind but also your body"
As Jensen said this his hands dipped under the silk of the sheets to run his hands over his buttocks and across the backs of his thighs "I’m not just in your mind Jare, I am here with you”
With that remark Jared turned his head and caught a glimpse of the most beautiful man he has ever seen.
Sitting next to him on his bed was Jensen Ackles.

The first thing Jared noticed about Jensen was his eyes, they were the deepest green he'd ever seen, Jared felt like he could lose himself within them, they called to him; he felt as though he was being led deep inside and frankly, Jared wanted to go. It took his several moments to be able to pull his gaze away and even then he was immediately drawn back to them. Giving in Jared spent several moments just laying there, gazing into Jensen’s eyes while his hands remained on his back giving his the best massage he had ever experienced.
A small moan escaped his lips and he pulled his gaze away from his eye to see the rest of him. He was tall, not quite as tall as Jared, but considering he stood at six foot five, that didn’t surprise him, still he looked to be a good six feet still, going by the size of his hands, body and the way he had his legs were tucked under his body. 
His hair was dark blond and stood up in spikes, Jared thought that this was usual for the time period he was guessing Jensen was from, but as Jensen said, he's had nothing to do but adjust to time moving forward; so after the initial thought of wondering what Jensen would have looked like with his hair long and pulled back with a leather thong; he didn’t really give Jensen’s hair another thought.
Jensen was wearing a gun metal grey shirt, with the top three buttons open but she could still tell that underneath it his arms and chest were very muscular and when he leant down, bringing his mouth closer to his, his shirt opened more so she could see that she was right, his pectoral muscles flexing with every movement of his arms against his back.

When his mouth was but an inch from Jared’s, he opened his mouth to him. Jensen paused for all but a moment, giving Jared the chance to pull back or tell him no; instead he brought his face up and closed the inch gap between their mouths. Jensen’s mouth was so soft. He kissed him lightly at first, adding only a hint of pressure, before rolling off Jared’s back and pulling him closer to his chest. Once he was tightly nestled against him, Jensen deepened the kiss, holding onto him with one hand and arm around his shoulder while the other rested on his hip.
Jared found himself moaning into Jensen’s mouth as his hand went from resting on him hip to make its way up his body to rest gently on his chest, fingers ever so slightly brushing against his nipple; Jared’s moaning increasing as he gently squeezed and tweaked the nipple.  Jensen broke the kiss while he was moaning, just in time to hear him say “Jense, please”. He knew exactly what he wanted. Jensen gently rolled Jared onto his back and lent over him. Looking into his eyes he noticed that they were filled with lust, want and love. He wanted him. Jensen gave him one more chaise kiss on the lips before moving down his body, His lips leaving a wet trail in their wake. When he got to his collarbone he stopped and suckled there, when he pulled his mouth away from his body he saw the mark he’d left on Jared. He felt Jared stiffen slightly and he heard Jared ask him if everything was okay.
Η αγάπη μου, εφ' όσον είμαι με σας η ζωή μου θα είναι ολόκληρη.”  He whispers into his neck and just a bit louder says “Yes. Everything is perfect”. He would tell him what he said later, if Jared asks. Jensen gives one more suck on the mark me left on Jared’s neck before continuing down his body, kissing and licking. As he got lower, he went slightly to his left side, so he could suck another mark on the top, inside of his inner thigh. If tonight was all they were going to have, Jensen wanted Jared to remember him and to remember tonight.

He could feel the heat radiating from Jared's cock as he was sucking and couldn’t stop himself from bringing his hand up towards it. He released Jared from his mouth just long enough to ask permission to touch him, Jared begged him to. With that, Jensen lowered his mouth right over his cock, both kissing and licking his length as if is life depended on it. Jared couldn't help himself from holding back a moan; hearing his lover moan Jensen took Jared whole length and swallowed him whole; feeling every muscle of Jared quivering.

Bringing his hand up to cup his balls, he slid two fingers into his mouth alongside Jared’s cock, making them wet, once he was sure that were thoroughly coated in his own saliva, he let them slip out of his mouth, down over Jared’s sac, slowly slipping the digit, aligning it at Jared’s entrance before slowly slipping it in. Jared moaned. Slowly Jensen moved the digit within his body; he started to move his hips in time with Jensen’s strokes. After a couple more strokes Jensen removed the digit. Hearing Jared moaning at the loss; he reassured him that he was just going to get something to make the next step of the evening so much more enjoyable.
Reaching over to Jared’s night stand, Jensen pulled a tube out of the top draw; as if he knew it would be there without needing to ask Jared. Squeezing a liberal amount of the lube onto his fingers, Jensen took his time to slip not one but two digits into Jared’s willing body “Ooh” he let out a lengthy breath, then another.
Jared began to meet his strokes with more force. Still sucking on Jared’s now rock hard, he smiled wickedly to himself as he gave a quick flick over his head, he gave Jared no warning as he thrust another digit into him, opening him further up, getting him ready for his own length. "Jense, please. I can't take this. It's, it’s too much. I'm...I'm going to..." Releasing Jared; Jensen made his way up Jared’s body and found the mark he left on Jared's neck; he nipped at it a couple times before swapping to the other side to give him a matching one. He tastes so good, Jensen thought.
When he noticed Jared's breathing and heart slowing, his lifted his face to his and whispered “You are so beautiful” before claiming his mouth in a bruising kiss.
As much as he felt for this man, Jensen was still but a man, and a man who hadn’t touched a physical body in centuries and here in front of him was a man. His man. The one who freed him for darkness; the one man he wanted and now he didn’t have to hold back. Pushing his way between Jared's legs was an easy task; he just let them fall apart. Jared smiled up at him, as if she was giving him the go ahead and the next moment Jensen was pushing his way into Jared’s slick entrance .

The moment he entered him, Jared knew that he wasn’t ever going to give up Jensen. Couldn’t give him up. He was terrified. But somewhere deep within his body was the knowledge that he and Jensen was meant to be.

Jensen was gentle as he entered Jared, but at the same time anxious to completely fill him. He felt so good around him. Jared exhaled; one slow breathy moan. Jensen pulled out half way before slowly thrusting back into Jared, coaxing another moan from his lips. He settled into a slow steady pace, pulling out all the way every now and again just to thrust himself back deep inside Jared’s body. Each time he did this started to prove too much as Jared began to feel his inner muscles constricting as the head of Jensen’s cock slid over that bundle of nerves within him.
He could feel that tingling feeling of his orgasm hitting, starting at his toes and working its way up his body. As soon as it got to his sex he threw his head back and opened his mouth to let out a silent moan; almost immediately Jensen attached himself to his neck and sucked on his neck through his orgasm. Not wanting to orgasm himself, Jensen pulled out slightly so not to feel him pulsing all around him. 
When Jared began to function he gentle tried to push himself onto his elbows. With one hand he pushed at Jensen’s chest silently asking him to roll over. Once he was as on his back, he got off his straining length and replaced the wet heat of his body with his mouth. As soon as his lips closed around Jensen’s straining cock, he let out a deep long moan; almost like a growl. He felt Jared smile around him and smiled down at him, telling his exactly how much he loved the feel of his mouth around his cock.

It didn’t take but a couple minutes of deep throating him before he was begging Jared to stop, or he’d explode in his mouth. Jared pulled off his cock with a pop, giggling to himself, he pulled himself up and settled himself down onto Jensen; both menmoaning when Jensen was buried to the hilt inside of him. Jared started setting the same pace that Jensen did when he was on top. Reaching up with his mouth, Jensen captured one of his nipples in his mouth, one hand massaging his scalp, pulling at his hair while his other hand was resting on his hip.
It was mere moments before Jared’s cock was once again rock hard and begging to be touched. The combination of Jensen pounding into his body while tweaking his nipple started to become too much for Jared as he could feel the tell tale signs of yet another orgasm approaching. Looking down into his eyes he begged Jensen to continue.
“PleaseJense; touch me” Knowing he'd never be able to turn down anything Jared asks of hin, Jensen grabs hold of Jared's cock; allowing Jared to thrust into his hand ashe thrust into Jared's body.
Bringing his mouth right next to Jensen’s ear Jared half whispered, half breathed out “ Is it possible for me to love you?” That was all it took for Jensen to detach his mouth from his nipple, breath back one word “Yes” before claiming his mouth in a soul stealing kiss, their orgasm hitting at the exact same time. Jensen thrusting up into Jared intensifying his orgasm while Jared's inner muscles clenched around him to give Jensen that same intensified feeling.

Once they were both spent, Jared laying his head on Jensen’s chest; Jensen kissed his temple telling him why it was possible for them to be in love. “Because we are the two halves to the one soul. I’d never be complete without you, as you’d never be whole without me. Truth was, it wasn’t your psychic connection to me that made it possible for me to again walk in your world, it was the fact that I had to wait until the other half of my soul was born and I could find you.” Kissing his temple again he continued “I know there is a lot we need to talk about, but it can wait, Sleep now my Jare. I love you.” With those three words repeating in his head, Jared drifted into a peaceful slumber, without needing to dream of a handsome dark haired man, pleasuring him; He just experienced that.

“My Jared, you’re awake” Rolling over, the first thing Jared saw as he opened his eyes were Jensen’s eyes staring back down at his, they were filled with so much love, love that Jared knew was for him and him alone. Smiling up at him Jared, brushed at the hair on Jensen's face and sat up slightly to lean against his side. “What did you say to me, just before we, you know” he asked him shyly. Jensen bend his head and placed a kiss to the top of his.
“I said: 'My Love, as long as I am with you; my life will be whole.'”  “Oh” was all Jared could manage. Within moments Jensen covered his mouth with his own. With the kiss, he wasn’t pushing for anything more then to show Jared the love he felt for him. Jared broke the kiss, lowering his head he asked Jensen something he wasn’t sure he wanted the answer to.  “What happens now?”
Jensen lifted his hand to his face, cradled his cheek and simply said that he wanted to be with him, but since Jared was the one to bring him back into this world, he was also the one to put him back there. “I’m hoping you will pick the first one and hold on to what we have, here in the real world” he said with a throaty laugh.
Jared just smiled up at him, knowing that he had known him for some time now and after tonight knew that he could never lose what they share. He threw his head back and gave a light hearted laugh. ”Yeah” he breathed out “yeah I think I’ll keep you”. Jared reached up to bring his face to Jensen’s and kissed him with all the passion he felt for him burning within.

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