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12 September 2012 @ 09:07 am
Law of Attraction  

Title: Law of Attraction
Author: boddimboy
Pairing: JensenMatt Bomer
Rating: NC17
Warning: Au, slash, pwp
Disclaimer: If I owned Jensen and Matt, I would be with them and not writing about them.
Summary: When Jensen Ackles guest starred on White Collar he didn't expect to feel an instant and intense attraction to the shows costar, Matt Bomer. Jensen was firmly in the closet and had no intention of letting the situation get out of control Matt, on the other hand, decided to teach Jensen a little lesson about the law of attraction.
A/N: I am crazy over Jensen and Matt and just had to slash them! I hope you all like the story! Adam

You can't fight the law of attraction, Jensen.” Matt said in that low sexy voice as he leaned forward and kissed Jensen's beautifully curved lips.

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