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MOON HUNTERS - A Supernatural Community

carry onwards

Everything Supernatural
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Welcome one and all to the new community dedicated to our favorite set of brothers, the Winchester brothers from SUPERNATURAL! Run by overstreets and momigi, this community may be dedicated to the brothers, but anything SUPERNATURAL is welcome here. Icons, colorbars, fiction, art, and any discussions - you name it, we'll have it! Just abide by the rules set and we won't have to break out the colt on you. :P Just kidding. Well... momigi isn't anyway. :D;;

Before you join, please read the community rules and suggestions! We want everyone to have a fun time here and these ensure it!

If you're looking for something specific, check out our tags. If it's not listed, check our calendar for more details!

Our FAQ's are down right now, but if you have a question: contact the maintainers. We're always happy to help!

:: RULES ::

1 LJ-cuts are your friends! Cut all spoilers because some of us haven't gotten through the entire series quite yet. You don't want to ruin it for them, do you?

2 When posting any fanwork, please LJ-cut and label all content! Ratings are nice, too. Some aren't fans of some pairings, others are, so we don't want controversy on that.

3 Concerning icons, you may post up to three without a cut. Many icon-makers lock their journals to reduce icon theft. Linking to a locked icon post is unacceptable! Please make sure the post is public for at least a day; after that, lock to your heart's desire.

4 Please tag any posts you make. Check our tags for titles!

4 No bashing of characters or members. We encourage debates, but not bashing, flaming and such. Please consider others and consequences of actions.

Insulting of other members will not be tolerated. If you feel you've been attacked in this community, please don't hesitate to contact either maintainer. We're happy to help. Maintainers have the right to delete any post that is inappropriate and ban any member that becomes out of hand.

Deletion of a post may be a result of insulting, or major spoilers. If it's a minor spoiler, a suggestion will be made to edit or lock the post. If posts aren't edited in 3 hours, either one of us will delete it. We can't edit it.


1 Please refrain from introductory posts! There's a special post already made for that. Just make a comment on this post!

2 Friends-lock any posts with downloads, like music. You can do that on your journal or redirect to your journal if you don't want to friends-lock your post

3 Before asking any questions, please check previous posts. Your question might have been asked!

4 Do not request for downloadable episodes or extras from the DVD. Support the show and buy! :D



The ones who control all! We're like the FBI as we move swift and without warning. >:D Go team us! If you need to contact us, use either our journals for anything you need. :D Thanks for stopping by!

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